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  • Dman, what is your first memory on 2 wheels?
    Very 1st memory 5 yrs old, balancing between my training wheels and begging to get my dad to take them off. That same year I saw a 1985 CR60 and I wanted that more than anything!! I was hooked. I finally got my 1st motorcycle at 11yrs old.. and it lasted 3 days. It was a 6 yr old 1985 DS-80 with a sticky throttle.. I let my sister ride it, of course she crashed.. WOT and it screamed till it seized.It never ran again.
  • What is your craziest moto story?
    It was 2019 right before covid.. group of us went out on a ride out over in the taenum/naches area. We took off at 9am Taenum Juct killer day heading up and hitting goat peak around noon, which was 37’ish miles. Our goal was to complete a loop by getting back to cliffty cause all of us know the way back from there. Unfortunately, the phone we had with our map was about to die.. I hit an empty tank right at 50 miles on my brand new TPI husky. The full loop would have been 70 miles, however we got lost and ended up stranded. I hiked up to the top of the hill and finally got a message to the sheriffs office via 911 by the time it got dark. We had a lighter and were able to start a small fire where our bikes sat. It was raining, and most of us were wearing a damp jersey with no jackets etc. A group of our buddies were rounded up to come out and get us, they left Seattle around 8pm I think. The sheriffs office gave them permission to go on the pacific crest trail for a certain distance, then cut over to find our trail.They eventually found us huddled around a tiny fire soaking wet and hungry at 1am. We made our way back to their trucks by 4am, but it was slow going. A few of us were running headlights, the rest just number plates. We finally made it back to taenum junction by 6am the next morning. I'll never forget that ride. Pro Tips: Know your route, bring a lighter, pack extra food, go braaap don’t die.
  • What other brands inspire you?
    My earliest brands influence is Burton Snowboards, mostly because when Jake Burton started burton snowboards everyone thought he was crazy. What is a snowboard? Why snowboards? What are you doing? etc He didn’t care, he had a vision, and brought it to life. He redefined an industry. More recently I have really been impressed with Fasthouse.. I had a chance to meet Kenny Alexander, I can’t tell you how impressed I was with his operation. It was a reality check in terms of the effort needed to build out a premium brand. Kenny reminded me that building the brand from the ground up IS the fun part. Once you scale, the business takes on a life of its own. So enjoy the ride.
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