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The end game for Revnek is producing

quality BlueCollar moto shit!

We have a get-ur-done attitude, and quality is everything to us. We are redneck gearheads, and at the heart, moto is our passion.

I’m Duncan, and I am the founder of Revnek Racing. The idea spawned drinking beers around a campfire. I guess we asked ourselves the question, why not us? We can make moto gear too. My true vision is to create BlueCollar moto gear for regular guys like us that we can take from the trails to the bar. In the near future you can expect to see more of that from us. We all ride, and all spend a lot on our hobby. I want to make quality gear, at a reasonable price, that really fits the way we ride.

We are approaching our product designs through a trial and error process. We have been designing products and demo’ing with friends & family for the last couple of years, and we are ready to bring everyone else into the conversation. We will never stop innovating and we stand behind our products, even when we mess one up. We are intentionally starting slow, and value any and all feedback we get from riders.

Our brand is just getting started and we are growing it from the ground up. The sky is the limit! One day I would love to see Revnek tuff blocks in Supercross.

Thank you for joining us on this ride!


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